About Us

Who we are


The goal of the Recovery Center of Greater Waterbury is to disciple people with life-controlling issues. Our primary emphasis on helping those with drug and alcohol problems.  The discipleship program is designed to initiate the learning process, which will enable students to function as Christians in society. We encourage and coach them in applying biblical principles to relationships in the family, local church, chosen vocation, and the community.  Our goal to help individuals become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.


We believe that the Christian approach to drug and alcohol addiction is the most effective in producing  life-changing results. We believe that the bible is the inspired word of God that directs us to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Once an addicted person has the experience of a new birth in Christ, they achieve much more than sobriety. It is a loving  permanent relationship with a loving God that promises the freedom from addiction that can last a lifetime.

What we do

Here at the Recovery Center we are committed to helping individuals overcome addictions, obtain employment and transition back into society and become contributors to our communities.

We serve our  community by providing food for the poor and support the needs of families and individuals in financial distress.


  • We help men who are 18 and older who are struggling with addiction / homelessness and have an open mind to the influence of the gospel in the recovery process.

  • We are grateful to serve in our local community to help families who need assistance.